Cape North Adventure

The Cape North Adventure

Sponsored by Massey Ferguson, the Cape North expedition is the brainchild of Gianni Brovida and his team-mate, Leonardo Cavazzi.

The pair are attempting an epic tractor journey, travelling an incredible 13,000 km through 17 European countries in less than two months to raise vital funds for an agricultural school in Chad. Supporters will be able to track the tractor’s every move live on-line thanks to the latest satellite geo-mapping technology.

Aboard a golden MF 7600 tractor, Gianni and Leonardo are making the return trip from Val Bormida in Italy to Cape North in Norway - the most northerly point in mainland Europe, located 71 degrees North - inside the Arctic Circle.

The tractor will make its way from Italy through Austria, Slovakia, Poland and the Baltics to Norway and return via Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and France. En route, they will also call in at AGCO’s Beauvais factory in Picardy, Northern France where the tractor was manufactured.

Rather than the classic Massey Ferguson red, the MF 7624 model is liveried in striking gold to celebrate the string of top awards the tractor range has achieved since its launch. Support for the expedition is also being provided by tyre manufacturer Trelleborg.